Eeva Karhu Path | Polku
Publisher: Parvs Publishing Ltd, August 2020
Texts: Timothy Persons (Foreward), Alistair Hicks
Format: 30 x 23 cm
Pages: 128
Language: English; Finnish
ISBN 978-952-7226-59-9

Through the layered structure of her works, Eeva Karhu (born 1980) reflects on time and its cyclic nature, using multiple exposure photographs to collect the passing of time.

She photographs her path, the route she chooses from her home. She is following different paths of old masters by using light as impressionists like Monet, Turner’s search for sublime and the method similar to Cubists. By compiling the photographs taken on her journey she forms a single image of the passing moment. The same path appears through the changing four seasons, blooming and fading colours, ever-changing light in the cyclicity of nature.

Path | Polku begins with the earlier works of the series, in which Karhu observes the view objectively. In her later works her art engages in the study of perception and cognition. The human eye and memory are not like a camera which records everything unselectively, our vision is always coloured by our emotions and experiences. Similarly, Karhu is colouring the view while taking her photographs, creating emotional landscapes where the world surrounding us meets the one inside our minds.

Eeva Karhu Path | Polku is the first book-form presentation of her art. It is based on her ongoing series Path that encapsulates the varying degrees of Finland’s seasonal light. Karhu, a member of The Helsinki School movement, has held numerous solo exhibitions for example in Berlin, London and Helsinki.

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