A spiral lies on its side. It grows by forming counterclockwise moving circles on top of each other, linearly, from left to right. Years are following one another; winter solstice comes every year at the same time at the highest point of the circle. Years consist of smaller rings, days, spinning inside this line. Curves of this fractal structure have already been specified
 and the present is a twirling hint of light in this perimeter.

The camera is my eye. It captures moments between what I’m viewing and me. I record the time that I will soon pass through while I experience the timelessness of its passing. I walk a circle which path has neither beginning nor end. I photograph this path where each beginning is the horizon of the last one. By layering all these photographs together they form one image that documents my journey. In a sense I record time
 and in so doing, I continue its movement forever.

I study this cyclic movement. I take part in it and imitate it, by walking the same circle route during one year. While walking, my feet find the rhythm of the way. A monotonic beat is unleashing my thoughts. Knowledge of the past and the future is dropping onto the path; bit by bit the present reveals its timeless essence.